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I got pulled over by a narc police car the other day, for making a 30 second phone call while at a red light, and hanging up before the light turned green.

So I pull over, park my car and turn it off. He approaches and asks for my license and registration, and tells me he pulled me over because I was on my phone at the red light, and that he should fine for my tinted windows, but he’ll let that go this time. Whatever, I cooperated to avoid being hassled, even though I fully disagree on receiving this ticket.

The previous two tickets I’ve gotten in the past 4 years have been a red light photo ticket, while I was on my way to snow valley at 6am for a nice day of snowboarding. After getting breakfast I approached a red light which I made a right turn on an empty street on a red light… which was the most expensive ($550) chicken shit ticket, which was also called off after I had already paid my ticket.

The second (somewhat) chicken shit ticket was in Sierra Blanca customs checkpoint 20 miles eastbound after El Paso Texas, for possession of drug paraphernalia. I posses a CA medical rec for medicinal mmj, so I legally buy medication. Texas has ZERO tolerance for drugs, so the Texas legislature can kiss my ass. I got detained and put into a cell to wait for an officer to come and write my $507 ticket (still cheaper than a red light).

Now this cell phone ticket? After a heated conversation with my friend who was even outraged for me, we were on the same page that this and previous tickets have been chicken shit! I agree you shouldn’t be on your phone and stuff WHILE DRIVING, if I am at a red light and hang up before green, I didn’t put anyone in danger, in any of my tickets as well.

I have a commercial drivers license, and I cannot have traffic tickets in my driving record, so I will be fighting this ticket because (1) this is an unjustified ticket, (2) I rather give my money to a lawyer than a government keeps on trying to fuck me over chicken shit tickets like this.

You take and take, but don’t give back.

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- Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a)

In a blink of an eye, we are nearing half way through 2014, and where the hell is Kirby?
For the month of March, I was touring Europe with my friends band Bishops Green(Canada), making stops through Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, and Spain.
Europe was an amazing and rewarding experience, met a lot of great people, I received many compliments on my photos and videos, which was inspiring for me to keep doing what I been crafting for the past several years.

Reaching the place where I stand has not been easy, it has taken a lot time, dedication, and sacrifices.
Currently besides doing media, I am also truck driving cross country to raise funds to replace my cameras and other filming equipment.
And at the same time I have been trying to edit a euro tour documentary on my spare time, and trying to learn new languages, so you can only imagine how hectic my schedule is.

So if you haven’t seen or heard from me in a while, no I’m not too cool for you, I’m merely trying juggle my time, and let’s just say, this is going to take a little while longer(heck, it took me almost 2 days to type to this).

Nearing the end of the summer, I will be back touring over seas for over a month, and possible 2 more tours following to finish off the year.
I have about 9 weeks to replace expensive equipment, and save enough money to cover bills while I’m away, so time isn’t on my side…

There are many shows, and hangouts I want to go to, but obviously it’s no simple task for me at this moment. So if we have a random chance to hang out, awesome! If not, don’t worry I’ll let u know when I’ll take a stay-cation.

Thank you to everyone who supports what I do, and I love you all!